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National Minister of Agriculture visits Western Equatoria

By Alex Digi

The National Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries on Monday this week paid a visit to Western Equatoria state to assess the situation of the Agro-Complex in Nzara

Speaking to the media on her arrival, Minister Josephine Joseph Lagu said the purpose of her visit was to assess the situation of the Agro-Complex in Nzara County so that they can engage the partners based on the reality.

“Basically the purpose of my visit to Western Equatoria state is to see the Agro-Complex in Nzara so that we can analyze what is needed, because we believe by seeing and that will prove to our partners that it is true, and I have also come with the partner representative as well to observe the environment,” said Minister Josephine.

The Minister said she will not limit her visit only to Nzara but will visit other places and also talk to some Agricultural groups in the state.

“I will also visit some areas nearby to see agriculture activities in the state, and as well see some groups of farmers including cooperatives and others to see how we can build this state in terms of agriculture,” Josephine added.

Meshack Malow, the Country Representative of Food and Agriculture Organization [FAO] said as partner they are ready to work with the state government to improve agricultural produce in the state.

He said based on their statistics for last year, Western Equatoria state was on top.

“As partner Food and Agriculture Organization, we are ready to work with the state government to improve the production of food in the state, based on our Statistic last year Western Equatoria state was on top with over 132% which is position one in the country in terms of agricultural production” Meshack said.

Meanwhile the Governor of Western Equatoria State Lt. Gen. Alfred Futuyo Karaba appreciated the visit of the National Minister and assured them of security in the state

“On behalf of the state Government, I welcome the National Minister of Agriculture for her visit, let her continue with her work, we are going to join hands together with her to make sure her work completes peacefully, what I can tell you is, the state is in peace, she is free to travel anywhere without insecurity.”

The areas proposed to be visited by National Minister are Nzara and Maridi County.

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