Local NGO launches mobile laboratory in Bor

Some of the practical apparatus for the mobile laboratory set up by ATAKA HUB South Sudan in their office in Bor. (photo: Chol Makol Riak)

By Chol Makol Riak

A youth led organization known by the name ATAKA HUB South Sudan have opened a mobile laboratory for secondary school students for practical in Jonglei state capital Bor.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, Bior Ajang Jarden, the executive director for ATAKA HUB South Sudan said the laboratory will help enhance the practical parts for the science students in Jonglei state capital Bor.

Bior said the initiative came after his organization heard the complaints from students in Jonglei state’s capital Bor.

He added that they have all the apparatus and chemicals that will help in the practice in science subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Bior said the lack of practical for science students in most secondary schools in South Sudan is challenging and makes most of the students to go for arts subjects.

“We did this because of our people, especially in Jonglei state, it is so embarrassing that our science students who are now studying in other countries do just start the practical at universities but practical is something that needs to be started in senior one little by little until you finish your secondary school but that one is not here in South Sudan,” Bior said.

He called on all citizens of South Sudan to focus and work in order to improve the education system for the bright future of science students in the country.

Bior said the apparatus for practical are for free and all schools are welcome to request for practical in their own schools adding that they are currently working with two partner schools.

“We have all the apparatus but the chemicals that we have are not enough, we are still working hard to bring more chemicals but we have other kind of instruments that cannot get finished, things like human skeleton, human brains, charts, glass blocks, microscope and more can be used for practical, so with this we are requesting all the schools to come for these apparatus, also I’m urging all the schools to make a proper use of these chances and make their science students more practical than theoretical,” he said.

He called on donors to come in and help to make this project successful and reach all the counties in Jonglei state.

“We are currently basing in Jonglei state and we have all those apparatuses in our office but with time we may have that ability to make this project great. We are still looking for funds and if we get funds we will be able to make this initiative to a great level of which we may construct a laboratory and equip it with all these apparatuses for practical,” Bior said.

Meanwhile a science student at Day Star Academy who identified himself as Daniel Buol said studying of science subjects without practical is creating a vague future for future doctors. 

He said that laboratory will motivate the science students towards their future careers.

“We have been taught without the practical from senior one to senior four now but with this current initiative that has come up with ATAKA HUB South Sudan will boost the studies of the students in science section,” Daniel said.

He called on the Ministry of General Education and Instructions to improve science subjects by introducing practical in secondary schools.

“I am calling on our government especially the general education ministry to do whatever is possible to improve science subjects so that every student should have a big career dream,” he added.

Nyiel Maker another senior four science student at Day Star Academy said learning sciences without practical is one of the biggest setbacks affecting the science students.

She appreciated ATAKA HUB for their good work and urged them to continue with the initiative.

The project Access to Skills and Knowledge of Science Experiments kits [ASKSEK] is being funded by German foreign office and implemented by ATAKA HUB South Sudan.

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