RUMBEK: Court charges 21 year old blind man seven cows over adultery

 The Rumbek Central County Court Judge Akel Alek /photo: Yang Ater Yang

By Yang Ater Yang

A 21 year old blind man has been convicted by the Rumbek Central County court and charged to pay seven cows after pleading guilty for committing adultery.

Mr. Pabek Chol Mathiang who is also a local musician known by his stage name G blood, described what happened “the lady called me on my telephone number, said hello baby; I answered her and asked who are you? she replied me, somebody love you”, I also asked another question who gave you my telephone number?” She replied me that why are you asking someone who give me your number, that time when I was in Juba for short visit, she also told me her name called Yar Matur while her real name is called Yom Ater”.

 “She was also telling me that she is unmarried woman during our relationship, we were chatting as boyfriend and girlfriend since last year in December 2021” he said. Pabek said that he never knew the lady is married, “because am bland man I don’t see her physically” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Rumbek Central County Court second grade Judge Akel Alek confirmed to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that the verdict was passed according to section 266 Penal Code Act 2008 of South Sudan law. Akel said the convict, Mr. Pabek has been charged by the court to pay 7 cows to the owner of the wife and pay expenses.

Akel said both are fined forty thousand South Sudanese Pounds (40,000 SSP) or be detained for 6 months’ imprisonment.

However, the mother of the blind man, Mrs Aneb Mading Chol said she so was depressed for the lady who committed adultery with her son, she explained that “my husband had gone to Juba since 2007 up to now joining military, he did not came back Rumbek, left me seven children to take their responsibility of health, school and provide them food without support of my husband, I am begging the citizen in South Sudan to help my son to clear the number of cows, charged by the court because there is nothing on my hand to pay these number of cows needed”.

Maj. Joseph Majak Taher called on the international and national NGOs especially those in Human Rights department to support the vulnerable person to be out because the South Sudan Penal Code Act 2008, cannot favour whether vulnerable or not.

“This blind prisoner can give us hard time more than others who are detained here in prison because of this; taking care on basic needs, direct him to latrine, preparing of bed and among others” Majak said.

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