Mundri West County launches Mobile court

Commissioner for Mundri West County Zilipher Dawa speaking during the launch of the Mobile court

By John Sylvester Timba

The Authority in Mundri West County of Western Equatoria State officially lunched the mobile court to reduce crimes in Mundri.

 Addressing the gathering during the official opening of the mobile court’s office in Mundri on Monday, the County Commissioner Zilipha Dawa Justin applauded the initiative taken by the United Nations Development Program UNDP that will reduce the rate of crime in the county.

While speaking during launch, Dawa factored out some of the major crimes including Gender Based Violence like rape case early and forced marriage are very common in Mundri West County that left out young girls going into marriage at ages of 16 years other than taking education as key priorities ‘’you will see young girls of underage carry baby which is total taking the future of our girls backward’’ said Dawa Justin.

However she also emphasized that land grabbing dispute is also very common issue in Mundri West County and she called on the community to take legal procedures for their rights as the office is now opened in Mundri to anyone be judged correctly.  ‘’If your case is black is black and if it is white is white’’ said Dawa.

Meanwhile the head of the Judges Andrew Joshua Loda of High court Judge appealed for high level of cooperation’s with the concerned authorities because the team has only few days to be in Mundri as mandated, in his statement. 

He further called on the people who have ready court cases with witness to appear urgently. According to Andrew the team comprises three judges and three advocates.

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