Orphanage faces shortage of shelter

Some of the beds donated by Turkey Ambassador/Photo: Adia Jildo

By Adia Jildo

The Co-founder of Divine Mercy Action Home Paolino Tipo said the children living in the orphanage are being affected due to lack of shelters, food and access to school due to rise in the amount of school fees.

Children in the orphanage live in tents which are mostly torn and a few having mosquito nets risking their health to malaria.

“Even shelters, as you see now, we don’t have rooms that are well constructed. Some of them are still living in tents,” he said.

Paolino cited lack of enough financial support as a factor that affects their work as other children tend to run back to the streets when they are unable to have all they wanted or get hardship.

“We have about seven categories of children that we keep here. Others were born in prison, others their mothers were sentenced to life imprisonment and don’t have close relatives to take care of them, others were found on the streets and others are from poor families and unable to get something for food,” he said.

He called on well-wishers to help the orphanage in all aspects whether donation of medicines, food or support in the fees of the children.

“When it enters the medical care, it’s really expensive for us and also school fees in South Sudan is so expensive. The cost is too high. It’s really challenging to pay about 72 to 100 children in school,” he echoed.

The Turkish Embassy in partnership with the Turkish Red Crescent to South Sudan donated food stuffs to the orphanage on Thursday 7th April 2022.

The Turkish Ambassador Erdem Mutaf said the donation is to help the orphans as the Ramadan season approaches. It’s the fifth time the Turkish Embassy is donating items and support to the orphanage.

“It’s very meaningful because we are in the month of Ramadan which is a month of solidarity among human kinds and not only among Muslims but among all mankind from different religions,” he said.

Erdem said the Turkish Embassy and the Turkish Coordination Cooperation Agency promised to give support by supplying medicines to help the orphanage.

“We will be stronger, powerful for giving more assistance to needy people, children and women associations and others,” he said.

Turkish Ambassador to South Sudan Erdem Mutaf holding one of the orphans at the orphanage home

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