Processing passport, Nationality and visa launched in Munuki

The Director General for Passport, Nationality and Immigration Lt. Gen Atem Marol Biar addressing journalists about the new station in Munuki/ Photo: Adia Jildo

By Adia Jildo

The Director General of the Directorate for Passport, Nationality and Immigration Lt. Gen Atem Marol Biar has launched an annexure in Suk Libya, Munuki to start registration for National Identity, visa and passport next week. Atem said the step taken would help reduce congestion of people at the main office in Juba and services would be within one’s reach.

 “Whoever is in Munuki, from next week, who wants to make their Nationality Identity, visa and passport should make their process from there,” he said.

The Directorate for Passport, Nationality and Immigration had launched eight offices within Juba which included; Munuki, Jebel, Konyo-konyo, Juba, Nimra Talata, Customs, Shirikat, and Kuburi Abuba.

Lt. Gen Atem said IT kits will be transferred to Munuki where the processes for acquiring these documents will be filed before it is taken to the main office for the document to be released.

“Making of visas, passport and nationality will be done there including the renewal. Anybody who wants to make the ID, passport should make process from there to prevent congestion of work,” Atem said.

He said the step taken to build these stations were ways of delivering service to the people at an accessible way.

The Mayor of Juba City Michael Ladu Allah-Jabu said the construction of the annex of the Directorate of Passport, Nationality and Immigration at Suk-Libya in Munuki will help shorten distance to those near by.

“This facility will help Munuki blocks Gudele, Mia Saba, Mauna, Dar-salaam, Seminary, Hai-Tarawa and Rock City,” he cited.

However some of the stations that were launched are not in proper conditions but process to construct them with better facilities was done.

The construction of the Munuki station has been in partnership with Juba City council and the department of nationality, passport and immigration.

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