Three Anti-Retroviral Therapy centres inaugurated in W. Equatoria state

Group photo of state Minister of Health, ICAP staff and the Community in Bodo PHCU New Building constructed by ICAP

By Digi Alex

Internal Centre for Aids Programme [ICAP] in collaboration with the state Government on Thursday this week inaugurated 3 centres for Anti-Retroviral Therapy in Western Equatoria state.

The three centres; Bodo and Gangura PHCU of Yambio County and Sakure Primary Health Care Unit Nzara County were constructed by ICAP.

Addressing the community of Sakure during the inauguration of the centre on Thursday this week, the state minister of health James Adu Votoki congratulated the communities while appreciating ICAP for the work they are doing in the state. Minister Adu advised the communities to check their status regularly.

“They have seen our poverty in all the past years, we had been in war, there was no way for the Government to construct anything like this, and that is why they have come to construct this for us, so this is your property that God has chosen for you so that you be happy with it and appreciate the organization, because there are people who haven’t seen it in their place, so we have come with them to encourage you, congratulate you for what has happened for you, so what I need to tell you the community of Sakure is, we should not only wait for those people to construct for us, we have to work with our hand,” said Minister Adu.

The Country Director of ICAP Florence Bayoa promised to continue supporting the state government in HIV/Aids activities in the state.

 “I really want to thank the Ministries of health at national level and at state level. Our Minister of health, we are privileged to have such people around us so that we can collaborate, we have to work together, through this collaboration then we can have something like this, without team work and collaboration, we will not be able to support our people and we will not be able to have something like this,” she said.

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