Three killed in Nyirol county cattle swoop

Cattle camp showing head of cattle Photo: Courtesy

By Chol Makol Riak

Local authorities in Nyirol county of Jonglei state have reported that more than 3,000 herds of cattle have been raided by suspected armed youth from Great Pibor Administrative area.

Speaking on phone from Nyirol County, James Bol Makuei, Nyirol county commissioner said the armed youth attacked Adiing payam of Nyirol County over the weekend.

“It happened at 3:00 pm yesterday, Murle attacked the cattle camp in Adiing payam of Nyirol County but with the efforts from local youth in the area they pursued them, until all the cattle were recovered immediately. We were having communication from Pathay and the youth of Pathay laid an ambush then the attackers felled in the ambush,” James said.

Bol said that three people were killed during the incident and three others were left with gunshot wounds.

He added that the people of greater Akobo are committed to the Pieri peace agreement.

“From our side one person was killed and three other people were left with gunshot wounds, and from the side of the attackers two people were killed and that was from this side of Nyirol but after the youth pursued them they also fought and the network was not okay but we are yet to get the report,” James added.

 “I myself as the commissioner of Nyirol county I regularly talk to the authorities of GPAA to talk to their youth such that they stop these issues of cattle raid, we also preach messages of peace to our youth here in Greater Jonglei not to go to GPAA for revenge because we are still following Pieri peace agreement” James added.

However, James called on the people of Jonglei state to be vigilant as the armed youth from greater Pibor are still roaming in the territories of Jonglei state.

“My message to the people of Jonglei state is that they should be watchful since these criminals are still roaming the areas of Jonglei state, they should be aware that any time there will be an attack from this armed youth from GPAA. They should take protection but not attacking them, we need to remain calm and teach them what is called peace even if they do spell us,” James said.

He added that calm has returned to the area adding that the wounded are responding to treatment. 

For his part, Jay Adingora Alual, the minister of information in Greater Pibor administrative area said he will neither confirm nor deny adding that this incident has been happening.

“I don’t really have any details about this incident but these incidences have been going on so many times, so with that I would neither confirm nor deny. Also, those who are suspecting attackers to have come from GPAA might be right if they have evidences about what they are saying,” Jay said.

He called on the youth from great Pibor administrative area to embrace peace for peaceful co-existence.

Cattle raid, child and women abduction are commonly practiced in among the communities of GPAA and Jonglei state.    

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