Two killed in cattle raid

By Adia Jildo

Two cattle herders have been reportedly killed by cattle raiders in Lobira, Ikoto county of Eastern Equatoria State on Thursday morning.

The commissioner of Ikoto Lokolong Joseph Jenifio said the attack came after cattle herders went to graze their cattle in the field when raiders attacked them leaving two dead.

It’s however not known where the raiders are from though he alleged the raiders to be the Buya.

“The cattle were taken for grazing between Tuukuba and Lobira,” he said.

“We are not able to know the number of cattle yet but we know that three kraal have been raided.

He said the issues of cattle raiding are a major challenge affecting the security situation of the county.

“We cannot be able to arrest the raiders. They come from different areas of the other counties or even from a far place,” he said.

The State police commissioner for Eastern Equatoria State Maj. Gen James Monday Enoka however confirmed the incident that led to the death of one young person and the other elderly.

He said culprits of the raid are however not known though a group of forces have been sent to trace the culprits of the raid.

“The number of raided cattle is not yet known and the culprits too are not yet known,” he explained.

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