City authorities continue to crackdown niggers

Niggers and Torontos in the compound of Juba City Council/Photo: Dominic Paul

By Akol Madut Ngong

The Juba City Council has continued to crackdown the niggers and the Toronto groups.

The Mayor of Juba City Michael Ladu Allah-Jabu said they will continue to arrest the criminals or niggers saying some of them are underage ranging from 6 to 17 years. He said they often wear uniforms.

“We as city council, we are lobbying and trying to explore ways on how to get fund in order to see that reformatory schools are constructed within Juba,” Michael stated.

“We will be working hard with stakeholders, developmental partners within the Republic of South Sudan, NGOs including Diplomatic corps to support us construct additional prison, reformatory school as well as rehabilitation centres that will be used as vocational schools, for turning or brain washing to have at least a generation of tomorrow despite all what had happened,” he explained.

“We are ready by all means to combat and eradicate these particular behaviors that they have initiated,” Michael added.

“We have decided and had already declared war against criminals or niggers and all those who are creating public disorder, committing crimes and causing security threat,” Mayor Michael said.

“We have made strategy, that every weekend starting from Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we will have patrols to apprehend and arrest all the criminals, niggers, the wrong group that was initiated two weeks back,” he said.

We arrested 12 of them yesterday, 7 on Saturday, 7 on Friday; they are under investigation.

“We have already communicated with the prison administration, Juba prison authority, Yambio, Yei, Kapoeto, Torit, Renk and Awiel so that those who are confirmed to be niggers are taken there to work for the government farms,” he stressed.

He said the niggers are not even being recognized by their relatives since they were arrested on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

“No relative have come across for them, they are outlaws, not considering them, even their parents are no longer asking about them,” he said.

Their number constituted the eleven groups; we are expecting the number to be taken to those places.

“We have identified eleven groups, Ganja Palace, Black Street Boys (BSBS), Move Gang, Black Warriors,   Stepo Raiders, Top Talent, BTS, D black, TM, Toronto and Wrong gang group who are based in Lologo one and two,” he clarified.

“The aim of those groups is to be extremists in nature and in 2027, they will finish everybody in Juba based on their plan and as a Juba city council, we will bring these groups down,” Michael said.   

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