Egypt exempts tuition fees for S. Sudanese students

By Taban Henry

The Minister of Higher Education has on Monday revealed that the Egyptian government has exempted tuition fees for the South Sudanese students.

This was revealed to the media on Monday during the launching of the admission process for the intake of 2022-2023 academic years.

Speaking during the launching of the admission process, the Minister of Higher Education Gabriel Changson Chang confirmed that the Egyptian government has exempted tuition fees for the South Sudanese students.

He revealed that there are over 400 scholarships in Egypt and as of last year it was agreed that they will all be fully funded so that students do not pay penny.

“The students of Swiss University who occupied our Embassy in Egypt were because of some fees payment then we discussed with the Egyptian government they were fully exempted and they are going on with their studies,” Chang said.

Chang added that they are planning to go to Egypt to sign the Memorandum of Understanding that signifies the fully funded scholarship and once it’s signed then there will be no more complaints in Egypt.

“The only place that we will have difficulties is Sudan because they all waive the tuition fees and they scared the students all over the country in very far places which is very inconvenient and not conducive for our students to study there. If we are to go there, we shall negotiate for this scholarship to be fully funded,” he added.

The minister stressed that students who are in Zimbabwe were sent by the government of the Republic of South Sudan for studies in 2014 and 2015 and to be funded by the government of South Sudan unfortunately the government faulted and it could not pay the tuition fees.

“Last year, I went to Zimbabwe to bail out 106 certificates which were detained by paying some money, our students, 21-22 are studying there and if we don’t pay the remaining balance their certificates will still be detained,” he said.

Chang revealed that Zimbabwe is ready over scholarship fully funded once their bill is cleared citing that the education system in that country is good.

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