Expired commodities burnt in Wau town

By Ngor Deng Matem

The Office of the National Bureau of Standards in Wau Town burnt down enormous expired commodities last weekend.

The commodities whose expiry date elapsed were confiscated in the shops in Wau and Suk Jou markets.

These Expired items were set on fire at the Ngolembo site after the confiscation.

Mr. Francis Ibrahim is the Director of the National Bureau of Standards in Wau. He said that the move was part of protecting people’s lives.

Francis also confirmed that poor storage and lack of frequent monitoring of goods resulted in easy expiration.

Ibrahim urged businesspeople not to sell the expired goods or else face punishment or imprisonment or fines if found involved.

Mr. Ali Yusuf, a businessman in Wau market confirmed that his goods which got expired unknowingly were confiscated and set on fire.

“Sometimes we store the goods and may stay for longer due to shortage of customers until they expire in the store. So we can be unhappy when we see them burnt down because it is part of protecting people’s lives. Yes, some commodities can be eaten and provide harm to the consumers if consumed while it is expired,” Yusuf explained.

Most of the commodities set on fire were items such as biscuits, flours and others.

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