Bishops urge political leaders to embrace peace

By Adia Jildo

The Sudan Catholic Bishops’ conference for Sudan and South Sudan has urged the government to maintain the promises of not taking the country back to war and pave way for justice, peace and reconciliation. 

The catholic clergymen said a lot of humanitarian assistances are currently needed by the citizens of the two countries due to recent conflicts and climate change leaving many with dire needs.
“It is a difficult year for the two countries because many still die due to armed conflict, women, children and elderly and even sick people are killed on their sick bed,” the letter read.

“Many of our brothers and sisters are still in IDP camps, refugee camps and others are in exile. They live with uncertainties whether they will ever reunite with their families,” the letter read.

The letter addressing Christians to celebrate the Easter stated that Christians should prepare for the coming of Pope Francis, who is coming to communicate the message of St.Peter.

They said the visit of the Pope is to confirm faith and to communicate peace which is the first gift to the disciples.

“We remember his touching gesture, the kissing of the feet of our political leaders, a humble but compassionate appeal for peace in our country,” the clergy said.

“We hope his visit will renew us, as we are still shaken by forces of violence, death and by the evil of ethnic division within our church and society,” the letter read.

The clergymen encouraged Christians not to abandon Christ in the trying times but rather to remain in strong faith of the risen Lord.

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