Deficiency of constitutional supremacy fuels violence

By Taban Henry

A civil society activist has on Tuesday described the Absence of democratic constitutional governance system as part of the factors that pushed the country for armed-political violence.

Edmond Yakani, the Executive Director  Community Empowerment for progress Organization [CEPO] revealed the statement on Tuesday after the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs tabled the permanent Constitution Making Bill 2022 to the Revitalized Transitional National Legislative Assembly (R-TNLA) in its ordinary Sitting No.4/2022 for its deliberations and enactment into law.

In a statement released to the media on Tuesday, Edmund Yakani who is the Executive Director Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) welcomes the positive move done by the Hon. Minister of Justice. This process is very important for securing a legal framework for directing the national constitution making process.     

He stated that securing citizens driven constitutional making process is essential for South Sudanese because it acts as an alternative pathway for reconciling political difference on matters of public governance.

“This tabled constitution making process bill 2022, is an aspect of public concern since it set the framework on the permanent constitutional making process,” he stated.

Yakani called on the parliament to speed up the process of the readings and enactment of the constitutional making bill 2022, while the readings of the bill process should be free of any form of political control of opinion such as harassment, intimidation and denial of space for voice (biasness).

“Embracing democratic process for enacting the constitution making bill, 2022 will be a key for opening the door to gaining the national principle for unity of purpose in constitution,” he added.

He mentioned that CEPO program of Citizens Constitution Constituency will be facilitating public opinion collections on the constitution making bill, 2022 including organizing of public hearing on the bill after the first reading and second reading. This process will be carried out with direct collaboration with the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs. “I am urging the public to take the process of this constitution making process bill, 2022 process serious and get to participate actively during the public opinion collection and public hearings,” he added. 

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