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Violence should be curbed by all means

By Kiden Stela Mandela

Violence is increasing every day in the country mostly in the counties. Nobody understands what is actually taking place in the country. Civilians are facing rough situation ever and this violence is more than war, every killing, looting and raping of women inhuman. 

It has been reported that a senior South Sudan main armed opposition official was killed on Friday in Leer County of Unity state following violence that initially begun following attacks on the main armed opposition Sudan People’s Liberation Army in Opposition (SPLA-IO) based in Koch County.

Hundreds of civilians were killed while women are being raped.

It is so disheartening and I don’t know really how we feel about it despite the peace process. On the 27th of March, two civilians were killed in Abegi of Yei River County and several others in Lianya County.

The security personnel should put more effort to protect the citizens from the kind of actions taking place in the country. There are a lot of different types of violence in South Sudan for example the cattle raiding, land grabbing and tribal issues which are very dangerous to the upcoming generations because they will continue with the current situation but earlier the better. We just need to reform starting from our leaders down to the grassroots.

The question is; are there no county commissioners to stand against such kind of violence? Can the county commissioners be accountable for the loss of civilians’ lives whenever there is conflict because if they are used by the great politician who are arming just to protect their positions because this time is supposed to be for peace but it is not easy and another thing is that Government and opposition leaders should open up their eyes wide before this conflict escalate to war, the country is just tired of this situation. If this country keeps losing its people, it is hard to tell the people who will replace them.

Let us build peace which is the only way of overcoming violence in our country since our leaders are moving well on the agreement to unify the army command and to bring total peace to the country.

The leaders also need support from us the citizens by preaching peace so that it will be a historical ground for other countries to learn from us just the way other countries have learnt from the situation of Rwanda.

God Bless South Sudan

Be right there!!

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