Death toll in Abyei rises to 41

UNISFA troops guarding civilians who sought refuge after Misseriya armed men attacked Noong, Amiet and Leeu villages of Abyei Administrative area/Courtesy photo

Ngor Deng Matem

A number of people reportedly killed in Abyei incident has increased to forty one and thirteen others injured according to the Abyei administration’s report.

On Wednesday 13th April 2022, suspected armed men from Sudan attacked three locations of Amiet, Noong and Leu in the Northern part of Abyei region.

Also a press release issued by the United Nations Interim Security force for Abyei known as UNISFA revealed that UN troops have arrested 12 Misseriya attackers.

Both UNISFA and the Abyei administration reported that over 250 civilians sought refuge in UN Premises for safety while uncounted other civilians ran into bushes.

Some of the people who sustained injuries are being treated at UN clinics in Todach and other sites in Abyei box.

Honorable Ajak Deng Miyen is the official spokesperson of Abyei Administrative area.

He issued the press release providing the details of the incidents that occurred on Wednesday 13th April 2022.

“In Amiet, 27 people were killed and 10 wounded, in Leeu 5 were killed and 1 wounded and in Noong village 9 were killed and 2 wounded,”

In a statement on Wednesday, Abyei Chief Administrator Lt. General Kuol Diem Kuol said the attackers were in Sudanese military uniforms.

“13 dead bodies of the attackers in Sudanese military uniforms were found on the ground. This is the evidence that Sudan armed forces are behind the Abyei incidents,” Chief Administrator said.

UNISFA promised to initiate a meeting between Abyei chiefs and Misseriya community leaders virtually this week.

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