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How can Easter bring change and benediction to leaders?  

By Kiden Stela Mandela

The Month of March and mid-April is holy in the Christian lives. This year it started on Wednesday 2nd March 2022 with ASH as a sign of Christ suffering and temptations during his life for the sins of man on Earth up to the time he rose from the dead. The 40-days’ fasting is a great moment in Christianity more especially in the Catholic Church is more remembered. It is a month of forgiveness, repentance, prayers, reconciliation and sharing with the needy in Christians’ life. Also this month is teaching us on how we can change our deeds, and for those who are doing wrong things this month ask them to live and those who do the right things should double.

Yesterday was holy Thursday and today is good Friday which will end up to Easter Monday so as we remember what Jesus has done to us revealing himself in your life in very many different ways we should continue to pray for this country South Sudan so that our leaders’ hearts change from corruption to addressing the issues of this country and bring total peace to the country and also pray for those going through hardship more especially the poor, the blind and those who lost their beloved ones to regain their hope in doing something positive to support their  families. For those with plenty if you have not yet shared with the needy still there is time you can be able to extend your support and for those who want to support but have nothing God is great, one day you will be able. In this moment it is hard to tell there are families who are going through hardship suffering from hunger, shelter trauma which is hard to solve.

For those who will be travelling to see their families abroad for Easter holiday Celebrations take care of yourself and your loved ones and stay safe and return safe remember to pray for South Sudan in your daily prayer so that South Sudan remains a home for living and for those who will be with us here in South Sudan celebrate well more especially those one who are drinking should drink carefully, be your security, nobody cares for your live otherwise you will end up in prison, hospital or even die while celebrating Easter. The country still loves you more especially the youth, you are the future leaders of this country, do not be influenced by some activities that can end your life so soon such activities are not yours. I take this opportunity to wish our leaders, Christians, No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper readers online, offline and the entire South Sudanese within and in diaspora a happy Easter day celebration. We hope for the best in our country as the peace implementation will be moving in good faith in the Hearts of our politicians as we continue to pray.

God Bless South Sudan

Be right there!!

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