Over 1,000 people regain sight in NBGs

Ngor Deng Matem

A medical doctor from Bahr el Ghazal has expressed happiness after one thousand and sixteen (1,016) people regained sight in Aweil.

Dr. Jurel Payii said that a team of medical doctors with help from Wau Catholic Diocese through its health partners successfully conducted eye surgeries in Aweil Civil Hospital starting last week and ended on Thursday 14th April 2022.

Dr. Jurel appealed to everybody to protect him/herself from eye infection that can cause cataract or blindness.

A cataract is a cloudy lens which is positioned behind the coloured part of eye (iris). The lens focuses light that passes into the eye, producing clear, sharp images on the retina — the light-sensitive membrane in the eye that functions like the film in a camera.

“The causes of cataract involves excessive alcohol drinking, smoking, increasing age, diabetes, too much exposure to sunlight, high blood pressure and previous eye injury,” the medic explained.

Garang Deng Deng, said that he is able to see after 3 years of blindness.

“The worst part in life is blindness. I tell you blindness is the worst part in life. This is because you become too vulnerable to the extent of not doing anything by yourself. Blindness exposes you to dirtiness. So as I speak to you, I am born again, a real born again. I am thankful to doctors and the government,” Deng happily said.

Mary Awien Dut, a mother of 5 children, encouraged young children to study medicine courses to become doctors.

“To become a medical doctor is really a hard choice to make. Doctors are second to God. I call them God’s messengers because it is God who gives wisdom and knowledge to become a doctor. So I am calling on young people to study the course that will make you become a medical doctor who can do operations in humans. I am happy, I am happy, nothing I can say again because I am happy,” Awien described.

In January this year, over 500 patients were treated in Aweil leaving thousands of others unattended due to limited time.

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