The devil within us

By Oyet Alfonse

What a blessing from God to have good and devout friends who live a godly life, what a curse to have wicked and horrible friends, whose lives are of fiendish and slayer. It is true that we actually live together with the devil either within our community or in the church.

We can ask ourselves, who is the devil? When was the last time you and your friends sat around talking about the devil? Let’s be real; it’s not a topic that we casually bring up over at tea places or in any sitting whether in a theater playing dominoes, draft/checkers, cards or at friends and family gathering. We might see depictions of the devil in the movies or hear from colleagues or relatives.

The concepts of evil, as far as we can imagine, have seemingly been around since the beginning of time. In Christian theology, the embodiment of evil is a fallen angel known as Satan and commonly referred to as “The Devil”. Satan is not a physical being; he is the evil within every human. Regardless of a separate devil’s influence, evil is inherently within ourselves.

Do you ever dread meeting with a friend? Do you involuntarily find yourself imagining the ways this is going to go all wrong? Do you feel a knot in your guts when you receive a call asking to how you are?

You will not realize until something weird happened to you or one of your family members or close friends. This may be surprising to some, but brutality is not a prime indicator that your love for your friend is genuine. You may sincerely want what is best for him or her, but that desire in the abstract does not inherently link up with a certain comprehension of what that “best” is, concretely.

In the past two – three years, I went through miserable life; I do not know what exactly was happening with me. One day one of the weirdest things happened to me when I wanted to apply for a certain position with one of the International NGO; it started first with the battery of my computer, it went off, and refused to charge. Shortly, all the charging cables stopped sending power in my CPU the fact that all the rooms showed present of electricity.

I do not know what to do, I started relocating the CPU from one electric charging point to another, and completely it refused. My wife and kids were watching at me, how I am moved about in the compound, just like a mad person. I started talking to myself, ‘God help me out’ and he actually listened and opened for me the computer. When I began writing, the mouse of the computer has also stopped working; shortly, the screen started wiggling (shaking), waving to and fro. Then I told madam, I have been bewitched.

It was not until December, last year. Through prayers, God revealed that one of my closest friends actually sold my soul to the devil using one of my cloths which is with him.

Before going to the church, I first tried three different witch doctors which they told me the same thing saying, “you have been bewitched by one of your best friends, not your relatives or uncles”. I was shocked, and tried to ask myself who could that be?

Right away, I went to one of the women who has power of the holy spirit. In her prayers, she mentioned exactly the same things, but with more detail. That is when I understood the killer.  

In fact, based on her prophecy, I was tied up three times and indeed the person sacrificed my soul to the devil (killed me). It sounds weird, but that was exactly what happened to me. From this point, I realized that some friends whose teeth are always out when talking to you are actually not genuine friend, they are fiend’s wizard. Again, I found out that this same gentleman killed someone before vending my soul to the devil.

We need to be extra careful; these people do pretend to be priestly and the best friend ever, but not really meaning it; they need to give your life to demon as a sacrifice. Proverbs 26:23-25, “Smooth words may hide a wicked heart, just as a pretty glaze covers a clay pot. People may cover their hatred with pleasant words, but they’re deceiving you. They pretend to be kind, but don’t believe them. Their hearts are full of many evils”.

Many of the friends have turned to seek job opportunities and other ways of earning a living through sorcery and dogmata with the devil. This note is just to remind us that whenever we live and continue to pursue our lives, we need to know that there will always be those who want to get close to you. Some of whom claim to be genuine, and some will bless you and others will burn you. These witches are dangerous; they are vending you to the devil for them to earn what they are looking for. 

We always need to ask ourselves; are we living in a safe environment? What about those who want to get rich through sorceresses? Isn’t Christianity supposed to unite friends and family, not to divide them? For how long shall we continue eating from the bloody hypocritic tendencies? If we are in need of something from our brothers or sisters, it is better to ask than giving his or her life to the devil for selfish interest. Will you be buried with all the wealth of the bloody hands, if you die?

From several related incidents which I came across, these individuals do pretend to be committed Christians through their activities and attendance in the church.  So, you need to be paranoid of such people as you continue with the struggle to serve your family. Watch out at those very close to you, because at the end of it you will miss your opportunity for genuine relationship.

Yes! There are people assigned by the devil to do nothing more than bringing your life down for them to get what they want from the demon. The only reason they are in your life is to look for an opportunity to make money at your expense. The sad thing is that some of them are supposed to be your closest friends, relatives, and even members of your group.  This is the risk we run in life these days in our country. 

Their words do not cooperate with their hearts. They love to flatter. They give fake smiles and many times they complement you and insult you at the same time. Psalm 55:21, “His words are as smooth as butter, but in his heart is war. His words are as soothing as lotion, but underneath are daggers!”

Just to summarize: You may be successful, powerful, wealthy, talented, and personable, and when all is said and done, you’re going to die just like any other person you have killed. I’m not saying that all have done exactly what the devil did, if you were in the same situation, we all need to admit that given the right situation, we have the same sinful heart which is ready to take advantage of any opportunity for more fame or pleasure or money, even if it means others have to suffer, even our friends and family have to die, lets repent and accept one another to live in peace and harmony.

There is a saying which stated that “the mind is an excellent servant but a terrible master.” If you want to keep going through comfortable, prosperous, respectable life, please think positive about others. Proverbs 27:6, “Do not take advantage of each other, but fear your God. I am the LORD your God.” 

This isn’t about pandering to people we like or letting them off the hook for what they’ve done. It’s about not letting the “Yes” God speaks to every son and daughter of Adam be obscured by the “No” he speaks to our sin. God’s “No” is the hasp opening onto his steadfast love; it houses the “Yes” we all need to hear. Too often, however, it’s treated as the preliminary word that must be said, the response to which determines whether or not the “Yes” is subsequently given. But the “No” and the “Yes” do not have to be spoken in sequence, and the “No” is never directed to the person.

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