Five people killed, six cattle stolen in Bor

Yuot Alier Hok, Commissioner of Bor County in Jonglei state (photo: File)

By Chol Makol Riak

Local authorities have reported that at least five people have been killed and 6 herds of cattle and unspecified number of goats stolen in Bor County, Jonglei state.

Details allegedly showed that the cattle and goats where stolen in Bangacorot of Bor county by the armed Murle youth and later recovered in Anyidi Payam in Bor county.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, Yuot Alier Hok, the commissioner of Bor county said that the cattle where stolen from Bangacorot of Bor county.

He added that the armed youth from Murle also raided the cattle with one lady that unfortunately was later found death in the bush.

“What happened was that in the last two days, there were a number of six cattle raided in the area called Bangacorot, the criminals came and took six cattle along with one woman and later after a day they killed her in a distance. In the other morning the woman was found dead in the bush,” Yuot said.

He added that two days later a group of youth went for hunting and fell into an ambush and managed to recover the stolen cattle and goats.  

“Yesterday a group of youth from Anyidi community who went for hunting fell on an ambush of those criminals who raided the cattle from Bangacorot and they shot at our youth but our youth stood on the ground and fought back so they managed to kill four criminals,” he added.

Yuot said that the youth managed to return the raided cattle and goats.

However, Yuot condemned the incident adding that the people of Jonglei state remain committed to peaceful coexistence.

“Our call remains the coexistence that we the people of Jonglei state and the people of GPAA, we are all South Sudanese and we deserve to live together whatsoever, we want a free movement in all the areas and no need for hunting for human being. We call on the authorities of GPAA especially the areas of Machabol and Gumuruok to talk to there youth especially the criminals that come here to stop killing innocent people,” he added. 

He stressed that the government of Jonglei state is committed and able to control her youth for peaceful coexistence amongst the two sisterly states.

Meanwhile, Jay Adingora, Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) information minister said he was out of the administrative area and has no official information from the authorities on the ground.

“Currently now I don’t have any information at all about that incident, I was not informed officially since I am not in the area but I don’t know if Jonglei state authorities communicated it to the authorities,” Jay said.

He added that the chief administration has not informed him about that incident.

Early this month, Local authorities at Nyirol county of Jonglei state reported that more than 3,000 herds of cattle were raided and three people got killed during the raid by armed youth from Pibor administrative area.

Cattle raid, child and women abduction are commonly practiced among the communities of Greater Pibor Aadministrative Area and Jonglei state which has led to loss and displacement of thousands of people in the areas of Jonglei state and greater GPAA.   

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