Jonglei state elects new UJOSS coordinator

Paul Jimbo the Facilitator who conducted the election standing in the middle with other three representatives of the candidates counting votes in front of the general assembly. Photo: Chol Makol Riak

By Chol Makol Riak

The Union of Journalists in South Sudan (UJOSS) on Thursday concluded the three-day training in Jonglei state’s capital Bor.

 The training was aimed at capacity building, mentorship of journalists on conflict sensitive and gender reporting ethics, accurate reporting, safety and protection of journalists and reporting on constitution making process.

The three day training also ended with the election of the Jonglei state coordinator.

Speaking at the conclusion, Paul Jimbo the facilitator of the training thanked the participants for their cooperation through the three days of the training and for the peaceful elections.

“There are six invalid votes, candidate C garnered 5 votes, candidate B garnered 3 votes and candidate A, garnered 11 votes, upon me to announce before you that candidate A has been elected by majority who gave him 11 votes and the new UJOSS coordinator in Jonglei state,” Paul said.

He appreciated the contesting candidates for their maturity adding that their work is to strengthen the work of UJOSS in Jonglei state.

Meanwhile, Majok Guet Kuol, the chairperson elect appreciated the journalists for putting their trust in him and elected him as the new coordinator for UJOSS in Jonglei state.

He added that reforms of the Jonglei state journalists have come since Jonglei state journalists have put the trust in him making him the coordinator in Jonglei state.

“The reforms have come and I would make sure that we will be the best among our colleges in other states of South Sudan. I would work with you and this is what we have been looking for, not that the former leadership is bad, it is that their time has gone and we would work together and open and a new chapter. We would work together with our national UJOSS and our partners,” Majok said.

He added that his new leadership will work hard to make sure that UJOSS have their independent office in Jonglei.

“UJOSS office will be independent in Jonglei state and all things that have not been going well will be sorted as we proceed together and make sure that UJOSS in Jonglei state becomes strong and great again,” he added.

Daniel Majak Kuany, secretary general for UJOSS, encouraged the new leadership of Jonglei state UJOSS adding that they should work for the welfare of all journalists.

“Please this task that has been given to you today is for you to reflect on all corners of Jonglei state, we have nine counties in Jonglei state, so please wherever a single journalist is work for him. Our mandate as UJOSS only stands for three things, one is the welfare, second is safety and protection and third is capacity building,” Daniel said.

Kuany added that UJOSS will give necessary support to the coordination offices whenever they want.

While in his closing remarks, John Samuel Manyuon, Jonglei state minister of information and communication appreciated the efforts by the UJOSS and encouraged the new leadership to join hands together and uplift the union in Jonglei state.

John applauded the outgoing leadership headed by Mach Samuel for leading the Union in Jonglei state adding that in every leadership there are challenges.

He added the ministry of information will work with the Union in the state adding they will face the challenges together.     

“We look forward to work together as a team, working with you, because if you have a strong body you will be able to address most of the challenges, you will be able to work hand in hand with the ministry and the ministry will also be in the position if there are challenges you call us so that we know you have a problem there then we will push with the state leadership and see how we can address that,” John said.

He added that among the objectives for the ministry of information is to enhance communication and information.

During the exercise, about 19 journalists participated in the election. Kuol obtained 11 votes putting him ahead of Mach Samuel and Michael Ghai who got 5 and 3 votes respectively. Majok Guet Kuol will now replace Mach Samuel who has been serving in the position. Achol Kur Marial was elected as Jonglei State UJOSS’ Secretary General, while Ayuen Garang Kur as Treasurer.

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