Police ready to hunt criminals during Easter festivals

Police patrol/Courtesy photo

By Adia Jildo

The Office of South Sudan Police Service and Juba City Council warned locals in the country to be cautious as they celebrate the festival of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. The authorities made the announcement as they launched a five-day security patrol that kicked-off yesterday (Friday).

In an interview with No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, the Mayor of Juba City Council, Michael Ladu Allah-Jabu said criminal activities tend to rise in the city during occasions and celebration that victimizes numerous people.

In his statement, Allah-Jabu said, there are 47 gang members that have been arrested within a period of two weeks and are in detention; he added that, plans are underway to arrest many of them in the nearest future.

“We have all our plans in place and our organized forces are ready. Security personnel are carrying out patrols in all areas. We have realized those gangs’ activities are already overwhelming the city by elicit activities and drug cases,” he said.

In addition, the Mayor said that security personnel are patrolling the city to reduce criminal and gang activities during and after the season. Mr. Allah-Jabu said that the issues of insecurities are a threat to livelihood and are working hard to see into it that they are brought under control.

The City Mayor further called on civilians to be vigilant as they travel or move in the city and report criminal cases to the police. “I call from them a social collective responsibility to always take care in all cases of human life. They have to take much care but not to indulge in criminal activities,” he said.

The Mayor warned against some public vehicles. He said passengers using public transport should be very vigilant of non-identified Noah vehicles; saying criminals have resorted to using some of these public transports to rob or kidnap individuals.

Similarly, Mr. Allah-Jabu said that there are criminals who can smuggle, kidnap and take people outside the country.

He cited cases of street children that use business card to deceive people in the city, stating that there is business which is taking place where people are being given business cards to report some cases. He said they use such children with the intention of either robbing or killing to extract the body organs.

He warned that if anyone finds a child who is lost, instead of taking him to that place of the business card address, he or she should take the child to the police for investigation. 

He further cautioned against false employment opportunities offered abroad; he said, as such procedures are used by criminals for human trafficking. He advised the locals to always use right procedures such as Embassies to get employment abroad.

Nevertheless, the South Sudan Police’s Spokesperson, Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin Bola also added his call on civilians to report cases of criminality during the festival, saying this would help save the situation.

The Police Spokesperson said that forces have been organized to keep order and security situation in the city.

“They have to cooperate with the security and as usual, they have to report anything immediately whenever there’s something. Timely reporting helps us a lot whenever there is to arrest situation of criminality,” he said.

He stated that all routes are under protection as some people are travelling to see their families outside Juba.

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