Failure to facilitate DDR threatens peace process

By Taban Henry

The failure to facilitate the DDR commission threatens the pathway of transitioning the country from violence to peace.

According to the statement released to the media on Saturday the executive Director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) Edmund Yakani in statement revealed that any mess up with the DDR, Rome Peace Talks and Kit-Gwang armed group may offer threat for the pathway transitioning the society from violence to peace.

“Among the critical actions that the unified command structure has to consider urgently is the genuine facilitation of the DDR process and secondly, the unified command structure should immediately have action for supporting the Rome Peace Talks and for handling the Kit-Gwang armed group.

CEPO is urging the unified command structure to ensure that ground command respect the ceasefire and stop this trend of waging fighting that leads to killing of innocent civilians and loss of properties including commitment of human rights violations,” he said.

Yakani said that the immediate required tasks are graduation of the first batch of the trained soldiers for the unification process, adopting action plan for the rest of the tasks for the transitional security arrangements.

“The newly inaugurated unified command structures have big task ahead of them within shorter period of time to deliver transitional security arrangements. The unified command structure is obligated to operate with full and high level of trust and confidence as a national entity ensured to deliver security and defense reforms and transformations as per the provisions of the peace agreement chapter two (2). Taking primary responsibility as unified command structure for driving genuine implementation of the transitional security arrangements should be their focus. Wasting time and not paying allegiance to the constitution and the laws that established the security and defense sector will be grave mistake made by the unified command structure,” Yakani added. He welcomes the inaugurated unified command saying it it is remarkable because it is done timely per the timeline of the recent signed action plan for the implementation of the Transitional Security Arrangements. This is the required spirit for implementing the R-ARCSS adding that will be lobbying for facilitation of interaction between the unified command structure with the civil population on issue of trust and confidence building.

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