Revocation call on members of Leer facts finding investigation committee

By Yien Gattuor Mead

With deep concern and gratification, the Youth and Intellectuals from Mayendit County are asking the President of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit to revoke some members of the Leer Fact Finding Investigation Committee that was established last week.

“With sincerest determination, the youth, intellectuals and the people of Mayendit County registered so many votes of thanks for your unwavering commitment and progress in implementation of revitalized agreement on resolutions of conflict in South Sudan, especially security arrangement. We urge you to do more in this course” a statement issued by the youth, read in part.

The Intellectuals and Youths of Mayendit County said they are disappointed by some members in Facts Finding Investigation Committee, whom they accused of having contributed militarily and financially during insurgents in Rubkuai, Rubnor, Buoth Lual, Leeh, Dhorjak, Gueny and Beer villages, including the organized protests that can cause civil disobedience and internal security threats to the nation. “The move was engineered by Hon Kuong Dak Wich and other members whose names appeared in the list as Fact Finding Investigation Committee” the youth said.

According the youth, the mandates and accurate, muchly needed facts finding will be jeopardized and ruined by these individuals who has negative contribution during military attacks in Southern Unity.

“We condemned their top leadership and State authorities (SPLM/A-IO) who has deployed Military Officers as civilian Administrators in jurisdiction of county Commissioner, it’s good to omit these members who are supposed to study the incidents before public disobedience organized in Freedom Hall and National August house in Juba South Sudan” said the youth.

“Your Excellency, the intellectuals and Youths will not have a respect, confident and comfortable understanding on these members who are intensifying clashes and ongoing insecurities in Southern Unity” the statement continued.

“Last but not least, the intellectuals and Youths has identified Leer as rogue county because they have continually threatened State security by harboring terrorists (SPLA-IO) and fostering the insecurities development in Southern Unity”.

“We are looking forward for your positive consideration, and thanks for taking your time to read this revocation call on the fact finding Committee to Leer incidents” the statement concluded.

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