Cooperation between economies is a great foundation for investment

Two heads are better than one, a proverb that is widely used by people who want to grow better, develop stronger and keep generating better ways to development. Why? Because when two people bring their different ideas together, it is common that a lot of mistakes will be avoided while leaving room for greater solutions.

With our country being the youngest in the world, we have a lot to learn from those that gained independence long before and know, or at least know better how to enjoy a free life while developing and prospering too.

The government collaborating with other governments is economically, politically and socially a good thing if it is in the interest of the citizens. A move of holding peace talks, trade and investment talks, diplomatic talks and all other beneficial meetings held between South Sudan and other countries.

The President’s travel to the UAE on Monday 18th April 2022, for bilateral meetings will further strengthen relations and cooperation between the two countries and this is eventually a hopeful and great start to pave the way for greater trade, give morale to the very few startups and entrepreneur businesses in the country which will then widen her export base and definitely the tax base.

The 11 years of independence which are to be commemorated soon in July should be a firm foundation to building better industrial investments; both the local and foreign ones so that with what we shall then produce, the chronic issue of malnutrition, food insecurity, hunger, unemployment, famine shall then be gradually resolved and we shall then be walking to national development.  

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