Governor pushes for faster construction of dykes in Bentiu

Unity State Governor, Dr. Joseph Monytuil Wejang presiding emergency meeting with humanitarian partners

By Yien Gattuor Mead

The Governor of Unity State, Dr. Joseph Manytuil Wejang is calling on the humanitarian partners operating in the State to speed up the dykes’ upgrade as the rainy season draws nearer.

He made the call on Monday in an emergency meeting with the Humanitarian Agencies and Developmental Partners in the State.

“I am worried about the destruction that the floods may cause on the people and properties.” Manytuil said.

The Governor also listened on the briefing from IOM and UNOCHA Field Coordinators in Unity State on the progress of dykes’ upgrading and the relocation of IDPS to new designated temporal settlement site.

He meanwhile commended the work of Humanitarian Agencies, as they continue providing emergency response assistance to the flood victims in Unity State.

In addition, Governor Monytuil urged the international development partners to provide shelters and other essential needs to vulnerable populations as they are in relocation process.

“The local community across the State should cooperate with humanitarian agencies. It was known that most areas in the State have been affected by flood last year. The government will work hand in hand with partners to make sure that the same problem should not happen again” he added.  

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