Yambio; One Death, Minor Injuries Registered During Easter Celebrations

Photo of Lt. Col. Santo Arkhangelo Director of Administration, Finance and Registration of Traffic WES

By Digi Alex

Police in Western Equatoria State have recorded one death in a tragic accident during Easter celebration in the State.

Speaking to N. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper in Yambio, the Director of Administration, Finance and Registration Lt. Col. Santo Arkhangelo said the deadly accident happened in the area of Suk Siro, where a woman riding a bicycle was knocked to death by a motorbike.

However, Santo said there were other minor incidents which were also recorded in Suk Pozo, and the victims are receiving treatment.

“From 8 to 9 pm, I received two incidents reports, one in a place called Suk Siro; surely, we lost one woman called Gimo Samuel, 31 years old. A farmer who resides in Suk Siro area in Yambio during the incident at night, as Director of Administration of Traffic, I managed to arrest the culprit at the same time and is now with me in custody,”  the traffic Director said.

He meanwhile appealed to the victim’s relatives not to cause any problem about the incident.

“I don’t need problem from you again because we have the perpetrator with us including his Motorcycle and the Bicycle of the victim, so after the funeral you will come for the case of the deceased.” the Colonel emphasized.

“The second incident happened in Suk Pozo, which has no broken or death report, but there are some minor injuries of which was a bicycle and a motorcycle, and the culprits are with me in custody while the injured people are receiving treatment in the hospital,” he continued.

Lt. Colonel Santo called on the people of Western Equatoria State to turn up for the registration of their bikes.

“I need all owners of unregistered motorbikes and cars to come to traffic office, first of all check your documents of your bike or car whether it is valid or invalid. If invalid come for the renewal, and those who do not have number plates should come for them before I start my operation, because I don’t need blaming from the community,” Lt. Colonel Santo said.

He concluded by applauding his people for learning how to obey traffic rules and for their well behavior during big celebrations like Christmas, Easter and New Years day.

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