The citizens of this country have spoken and lamented enough that they are already tired of war yet Leer County of Unity state and other parts of South Sudan continue to experience indiscriminate savagery. We laud those who have vehemently condemned the violence where innocent people including aid workers were recently killed in cold blood in Leer County. But condemnation alone is not enough. This time we need real solution from our government and the peace partners. This is too much for us to bear.

The government should not underestimate the negative impact of the recent backdrop of violence in Southern Unity, Leer County and Mayiandit County. We are appealing to the Presidency to call for an urgent meeting to immediately iron out the uncalled for skirmishes in Leer and Mayiandit counties.

It is hectic that Leer County continues to experience massive human displacement, loss of lives and destruction of properties. Who is behind the violence or what could be the root causes of this merciless killing? The populace needs answers for this questions otherwise the citizens will one day hold those in authority accountable for slow action.

Should the Presidency fail to act on the Leer violence, then they stand to be blamed for further attacks, cattle raids, wanton killing of children, gang raping and torturing of women and young girls including burning of houses, looting and destruction of civilians’ properties. The Presidency should take swift action against the perpetrators of Leer and Mayiandit counties. The Presidency should first stop the violence before the investigation committee on the Leer incident starts its work because you cannot investigate somebody in a battle field.

As citizens of this country, we profoundly send our wholehearted condolences to the families of the victims of the inhuman atrocities committed against the guiltless citizens of Southern Unity and Leer County. We are however hopeful that those in authority will rescue Leer county from the massive violence as soon as possible.

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