Fuel shortage delays justice for inmates

By Adia Jildo

Despite the donation of 21 vehicles and trucks on the 14th of February, 2022 by UNDP to the Judiciary, the justice system is still faced with numerous challenges such as shortage of fuel for vehicles among others to ease movement.

Shortage of fuel at the judiciary system has prevented transportation of inmates to the court to hear court verdicts that were supposed to be announced against them.

On Wednesday, court sessions were adjourned due to failure of the government to provide fuel for vehicles. It has been two days now the juries have been complaining about fuel shortage for their vehicles.

Court sessions which are to have their verdicts are still pending with no-date line for hearing; a judge at the SGBV court who decided to keep his identity anonymous talked about the uncertainty of when the fuel will be provided to the cars to transport the inmates for the next hearing.  

“We will adjourn these cases because there is no fuel in the care that will be used to transport inmates to the court, I am not certain as to when next there will be fuel,” he said.

People who came for a court hearing on Wednesday all had to return and reschedule their dates with the judge.

Attempts to get comments from the judiciary and the officer in charge of inmate transportation was in vain.

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