Governor urges students to work hard

Photo of the students in Yabongo Secondary School during the bell ringing for the exams

By Digi ALex

The Governor of Western Equatoria State has called on the students who are currently sitting their national certificate examination to work hard and be strong as they will be future leaders.

Governor, Lt. Gen. Alfred Futuyo Karaba made the remarks while addressing candidates as they sit for their final national secondary certificate examination.

“You need to be strong so that you can be like Ministers; your time is coming, so that you become ministers, Governor, National Ministers, National MPs and the MPs of the State. This chance was for other people, now it is for us the current leaders next is you, because between us and you, no one again, so be strong”, the Governor said.

He promised to increase the salary of teachers so that they can teach students as expected.

He said that if teachers’ salaries are not increased, they will not teach well. “Last time I promised to pay teachers. The salary for this year must be as I said; if we are using ghost names for our personal benefit, it will never help these students. That is my message, and still, we need to increase teacher’s salary so that our state can do well in education.”

Early this year, Governor Futuyo Karaba issued Directives for the teacher’s salary to be paid at 10,000 SSP.

Meanwhile, the State Minister of Education Grace Apollo urged students to build confidence in their exams and wished them success.

There are 1,202 students who are sitting South Sudan certificate of examination in Western Equatoria this year; there are 772 boys and 430 girls.  

She encouraged the students to double their efforts and perform
in the exams, saying that as a mother she wanted all the students from the State not to fail any single exam.

“I wish you all the best in life as you are starting your exams today for 9 days that you are going to spend, feel comfortable feel free in whatever subject comes before you, don’t feel you are going to fail it, you will manage if you have the confidence in you that you are going to make it and you are going to pass with that spirit, for sure you are going to pass,” she said.

Photo of the students in Yabongo Secondary School during the bell ringing for the exams

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