Ministry avails scholarships for WES students

Grace Apollo, the State Minister of Education and Instructions in Western Equatoria State/Photo by Digi Alex

By Digi Alex

The State Ministry of Education and Instructions in Western Equatoria State has announced availability of 100 national scholarship forms for secondary students.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on Wednesday, the state Minister of Education Grace Apollo Musa said they have received 100 forms from the national government for the scholarship within the 4 national universities, University of Juba, University of Bahr el Ghazal, University of Upper Nile and University of Rumbek.

Grace Apollo said the scholarships shall be for Diploma and Bachelor Degree programs, and legible applicants who obtained marks above 61% in their previous Secondary School Examinations are able to select which faculty and program they want to apply for.

“We have scholarships for South Sudan universities. We have for Juba, Malakal and Wau, so it is going to depend on the student’s choice those who want Degree will select and those who want to go for Diploma will also select it. So it is for both Diploma and Degree. This scholarship is for government, but there are things they will ask students to provide which will not be high whereas tuition and accommodation will be from government,” Grace said.

“There are 100 copies given to Western Equatoria, and if we manage to get these 100 students, they will take them. But they are going to go through interviews then they will shortlist them, because maybe the certificate you presented is not your own, and they want you to prove authenticity of the certificate. The dateline is 28th of this month. It started on 11th and this time they have given us 17 days that is why we have passed information to other counties,” Grace added.

When asked about favouritism and discrimination which used to happen for students to get scholarships in the country, Minister Apollo said since she took office, such thing has not happened in her ministry. The two scholarship programs have been successful for the students in Western Equatoria State, one for Ethiopia which selected 20 students.

“I think I am appreciating myself during my time. Scholarship is not like before, because last year 16 students from Western Equatoria went to Ethiopia during my time and again 20 were admitted to Egypt that all 36 students who are now studying. Last year also, we managed to have about 9 students for the same program and this year I am praying that many of them will go because I am not hiding scholarship with me for my relatives even I don’t have children who are young, my children are big and some of them have finished education. So for me, everyone in Western Equatoria is my child. I have brought for them scholarship.” Grace fortified.

The Minister called on the people to turn up for the forms so that many students can be selected from the state.

The faculties offered are Education, Health, Agriculture and Computer Studies and application is charged at 6,000 SSP.

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