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The dilemma of IDPs amid peace implementation

By Kiden Stela Mandela

The senseless wars in South Sudan continue to displace people simply because those in authority are not focusing on the suffering of the populace. Since the outbreak of the 2013-2016 wars, people are still losing lives. Nobody knows whether there will be permanent peace soon in the country.

Mostly the violence is taking place in the states as if it is sponsored by other people. Last Saturday was the worst in Leer County of the Unity State where a humanitarian worker who was really trying to save the lives of people was killed. Unity State has just witnessed killings, destruction of properties and even rapping of young girls and women. But there is no way; we just bear with the situation.

Those who are sponsoring this kind of crisis must be accountable for the bloodshed in the country. No day can pass without hearing about attacks in the states in the country, then, what does it mean? The government and the opposition need to sign another agreement to completely stop disputes in the country.

There is no way the Internally Displaced Persons [IDPs] can continue to live in deplorable conditions in the camps just because of politicians who are fighting for their own interests.

It is already noted that the two principals to the 2018 peace agreement had agreed to move on, then what is the reason for attacking one another? Where will the position you are fighting for today take you?

It is worth mentioning that the Ugandan government through the Daily Monitor Newspaper had already warned South Sudanese leaders over the refugees in their land asking the government of South Sudan to mobilize resources for the refugees.

It seems the government of Uganda is also tired of hosting South Sudanese for long time hoping that South Sudan would settle its grievances. The question is when will South Sudan gain peace and bring all his people back home from the exile. Yet even the refugees suffer in the hands of the hostile communities in Uganda.

Is the UN really getting resources freely in Uganda to feed the refugees? It should be clear because the refugees are in the hands of the Refugee Agencies, not solely under the responsibility of Uganda. The East African Countries should note that South Sudan is helping them develop in one way or another.

They contributed to this crisis so that they continue working and looting the resources of the country.

I appeal to the government and the opposition leader of South Sudan to hunt for the violators of peace who are fueling the tensions in the country to be accountable for the loss of lives in the country.

I urge the government and the opposition parties to implement the peace agreement and stabilize security to enable South Sudanese return back home from diaspora.

God bless South Sudan.

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