Court sentences last murder convict in Mundri

By Adia Jildo

The court has sentenced the last of the six murder convicts in Mundri yesterday.

The high court judge, Andrew Joshua Lado sentenced the mentally sick Moses Koso Evans to 5 years imprisonment for murder in Mundri mobile high court. 

Moses started his date of sentence from the 9th December 2021 with offence liable to an offence cited according to the section 210 Penal Code Act 2008. He was convicted for the murder of John Tautau Alex, his uncle with whom he lived.

“The accused is related to the deceased. The relatives pardoned him not to be hanged for their special rights since the deceased was the uncle of the accused,” Andrew explained.

“Moses who is mentally ill lived with his uncle at the same place. The deceased had gone to the hospital to get an ambulance to take the accused to the hospital. He had left Moses in a room where he had locked himself inside,” he narrated.

Andrew also said that John kept searching for his nephew in the nearby house where he might have hidden himself from his uncle.

“On entering the other house, Moses hit the head of the deceased with a metal rod and then he died,” Andrew explained during a telephone interview with No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper’s Journalist.

Within one week, 3 sentences of murder have been passed which include; three persons with mental illness and history of mental illness.

“This needs real research. From my observation, most problems here now are drug abuse and excess alcohol consumption,” Andrew said.

He called on the people to respect the laws in order for stability to prevail. He said the law is the only way to address issues.

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