Governor Manytuil, US Embassy Discuss Humanitarian Situation

A snapshot of Governor Manytuil and the US delegations

By Yien Gattuor mead

The High-Level Delegation from United States, headed by US Advisor on Foreign Relation Committee, Office of the Senator, Heather Flynn met with the Governor of Unity State, Dr Joseph Manytuil Wejang. After the meeting, Dr. Manytuil said the meeting aimed to identify the security and humanitarian situation of the locals in the State.

Related to this, the US delegation and Unity State government members talked about the current incidents of violence in Southern Unity State of Leer County and the devastating flood that has displaced thousands of people.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, the governor stressed the commitment of the government to end violence and the shift from humanitarian aid to development aid.

Further, Governor Manytuil appreciated Humanitarian Agencies for their steadfast support to the flood victims across Unity State. He said that his government is also committed to providing all necessary support to the flood victims, especially food items and shelters.

However, Manytuil appealed for financial support from International Communities and the United Nations Agencies to finance the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement in order to achieve sustainable peace in the Country.

Meanwhile, US delegation led by Advisor Heather Flynn also commended the commitment exerted by Unity State Government to calm the situation in Southern Unity.

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