Four dead in Nimule fresh cattle raid

By Adia Jildo

Four cattle herders have been killed in Jelei, Nimule after cattle raiders attacked a cattle camp raiding over 700 cattle, Friday.

Maxwell Youssef, the Executive Director of Nimule payam said cattle raiders who had attacked the cattle camp in Jelei were unknown hence information about where they had come from remains unknown.

“The cattle raiders attacked a cattle camp in Jelei, raided and killed four people. More than 700 cattle have been raided,” he said.

He said some cattle keepers are following and tracing though traces have not been found yet.

Maxwell said the security is basically terrifying as some people are seen moving with guns but wearing civilian clothes hence startling the villagers.

“People are not happy because of the movement of people with guns. They are moving with guns everywhere, if they were in uniform, they have no problem but they are not having uniform,” he said.

He called on the government to assist the community by evacuating the cattle and cattle herders from Nimule.

The Police Inspector of Nimule police station David Kasmiro said the raid happened in Jelei Cattle camp on Friday. He said herders have however not reported the case to the police regarding the actual number of cattle raided.

“This information is all wrong because up to now, no body has come here to open a case to the police about their raided cattle. The cattle raiders, raided cattle but the number of cattle remains unknown,” David emphasized.

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