Niggers charge 120,000 SSP for resignation

Michael Ladu Allah-Jabu, Mayor of Juba City Council/ Courtesy Photo

By Akol Madut Ngong 

The Mayor of Juba City Council Michael Ladu Allah-Jabu said Niggers and “Toronto boys” have created another rigid system of 120,000 SSP as fees for resignation for niggers who want to exit the group.

The Mayor revealed on Friday last week during the graduation ceremony and an occasion organized by the medical students of the Upper Nile University saying that 85% are young people and their recruitment is made by force.

“If you don’t joint, they kill you, beating you, chasing you, if you want to break out, they demand 120,000 SSP to pay for resignation to exit group,” he explained.

“We have the issue of Niggers and Torontos, if we continue in the same way then after two to three years, we will have no generation in our country, all children want to be Niggers and it is not the normal Niggers that deal with DJ, they are dangerous Niggers who command us, kill us and beat us every day and night,” Ladu explained.

“These Niggers are not for South Sudanese culture, they adopted outside the country, from America, Australia and Egypt, and these are the people who complicate our situation here in Juba,” he highlighted.

“We have already declared our position as Juba City Council saying that; we don’t want Niggers or Torontos, if we get your child, we will deal with him by enforcing our condition,” he added.

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