Are falsifications and envy worth doing?

By Makeer Peter Jok

Based on the question, the answer is a big NO. In the human context, vividly without a second thought, falsifications and envy are two separate and slightly attached social evils that ruin relationships and destroy bonds that are supposed to expand instead. Such are sins and against the rights of human peace of mind to the victim(s).

As we live, in our daily healthy minds and lives, we atleast focus on togetherness, love, peaceful coexistence to make an environment worth living in. These jotted points of peace are what a devoted Christian would term as social holiness that is, being good with people around you in order to coexist peacefully.

As we very well know envy is the emotional bad feelings developed by a person towards the other as a result of material progress, luxury life, fancy buildings, simple happy lifestyle etc. Everyone has a different understanding of envy depending on the circumstances around. Looking back at the tender age, atleast a person has envied once or so but stood corrected and now reformed or yet to. A continuous envy is an intended harm and destruction which will cost us in the future if we dare fail to seek forgiveness from the wronged.

Falsification on the other hand, varies in understanding from one person to the other. But the simplest definition can be, “an act of reporting information that’s not true or that can’t later be proven as said”

To develop a simple illustration, the two are like the bank transactions. We are all familiar with how the ATM operates or cash deposit and withdrawal through the cashier (teller).  In the bank, when you deposit twice or more, the money keeps accumulating in your account until your desired point when you can withdraw which will definitely lead to a reduction in the cash you have. Likewise falsification and envy, they are counted on you as debts. Whenever your actions result into the misery of the other, you unknowingly deposit debt in your name and the circle continues until you realize your actions and reform, then the payment will start. Biblically, the Bible doesn’t encourage falsification. Just like in our society, no one is taught or born with envy, it’s an evil disease that’s rampant and almost in all parts of the world. The story started from the very first creatures, in Genesis 4, Cain and Abel, Adam’s sons. Cain envied Abel and ended up killing him and the result was a curse from God. Every action of Envy has a repercussion(s) that one must face even if not immediately, but will surely face in the future. Let’s embrace the love to cheer up others as we know, our time shall come and we will need the same applause and togetherness.

Humanity is priceless and free. We ought to always participate and contribute greatly to making life easy for others the same way we want it to be on our side. The negativity that itches our minds and fuels us to falsify is the spirit of Satan, for the spirit of God preaches togetherness and love for one another. Every action haunts and does haunt when you realize your deeds, being bad and unpleasant. Always remember, “No man is an island”. we all need each other as we  live every single day, You never know, the person you laugh at today will be the only option of help to you tomorrow and if you had been a nightmare to him/her, what would you think will be the outcome of your approach incase you try? Won’t you be ashamed to even ask for help remembering well how bad you had a relationship? How will you even start? Will you just tolerate and preserve the pain instead of asking because you’re afraid to face them? These questions make up a straight light to the rightful living so as to tackle the unforeseen and the unpredictable. Life’s like a clock, they say. The person you see washing cars to make a living today will be the same person you will see tomorrow driving and having his cars washed.

My country men and women, life is sweet and worth living when we come together as one, put aside differences in social ,tribal class and concentrate on “my brother-my sister relationship”.

An integral mind occupied by profession, attitude and personality should always design measures to tackle such social habitual behaviors from poisoning the community.

I attended a workshop some years back and had a very powerful presentation from one of the authorities. When he narrated his brief story, which I will briefly write too, I realized the saying “what goes around comes around” wasn’t made for fun, but for the future and will always apply.  “I worked in a hotel as the General Manager for 4 years and everything was well with us. The staffs were very happy as well as the Management. One day, we were made to introduce ourselves to one gentleman we saw seated  at the top corner of the hotel VIP area, proudly he introduced himself as the new Director tasked with overseeing the operations and would have the reports from the General Manager which I saw was a light work to do as far as work is concerned. I was wrong; the director was not to oversee the operations of the hotel but to oversee my (General Manager) operations. It became very unfortunate I was always put on alert and warnings over things I couldn’t answer due to lack of knowledge. Two months later, I lost the job and he became the General Manager from the Directorial position. To cut the story short, four months later, that same year, he lost his job as well. He was trusted with everything but still fell out with his boss.”  He narrated

From this very brief story, what you do out of envy and falsification in order to gain honorary or be loved will one day come back to you. They say, “He who kills by sword dies by sword “. How you envy and falsify people will be the same channel you will fall into.

Dear readers, this piece of work is intended for public consumption, it’s based on the contemporary societal setting of events and therefore doesn’t depict any personal character(s)  or a group of individuals.

As we live Christ centered lives, let’s always preach the gospel of love, Solidarity.

God bless you

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