According to the English language; free as an adjective means not under the control of anyone else or not obstructed and to be fair also as an adjective means treating people equally or exercising justice and election, a noun means a procedure whereby somebody is elected or the act of election. Therefore, free and fair elections altogether means elections that are not controlled by anyone else and where equality and justice are exercised.

By anyone else in this context we mean that only the national constitution has supreme authority and control of the whole national election process.

The national constitution is supreme overall and all citizens regardless of ethnicity shall abide by it.

Part one, sub section 3-article 1 states, “This Constitution derives its authority from the will of the people and shall be the supreme law of the land. It shall have a binding force on all persons, institutions, organs and agencies of government throughout the Country.”

For elections in our country to be free and fair, we all ought to know our constitution first, then abide by every law stated therein because violation of even what might appear to be the faintest is highly punishable by law; now this is a civilized society.

For all those who are deluded into believing that civilization is all about tarmacked roads, many skyscrapers, many new cars, rural-urban migration, congestion of the city, town gangs and all other forms of deceit learn that civilization; a noun is an advanced stage of social development NOT economic. And what does social in a society mean? That is for each one of us to find out and answer.

Citizenship is the basis of equal rights and duties for all South Sudanese, 45 (2). Duties of a citizen include; (f) take part in general elections and referenda as stipulated in this Constitution and the law; (j) promote democracy, good governance and the rule of law; and (k) respect the rights and freedoms of others.

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