Gov’t Launches Digital Car Registration

By Adia Jildo

South Sudan government has launched a digital electronic registration of vehicle’s documents such as number plates, log books and stickers to ease monitoring of vehicles. The minister of transport Madut Biar Yen has launched the process in Juba yesterday.

Currently, only UN agencies, diplomats, international and national organizations that that are electronically registered and are monitor their vehicles.

Madut said that the service will ease monitoring of vehicles as log books will be printed ones with no renewal unless damaged with the current electronic registration.

He said, the service will enable the annual inspection of cars; showing its fitness on the road hence reducing damages. He stressed that the move will enable road users to use standard vehicles to prevent accidents and damages on the road.

“We have been working manually. Even logbooks were put in papers. We have changed from paper but now we shall go digital,” the Minister said.

The minister said that his ministry of transport will work with the ministry of foreign affairs for diplomatic personnel to be able to get diplomatic number plates.

However, the head of the technical team, Chol John Thon said that the application for the digital car documents will be accessible at any time, even before vehicles reach the country or from a far distance.

He said that electronic registration of vehicles would control the government vehicles and acknowledge the government on the data of UN agencies in South Sudan.

Further, he said that, it will also utilize the border control on entry and exit of the vehicles in the country. The vehicles have to be identified.

Chol stressed that the system which is connected to the global data will help trace vehicles that enter the country and help in case where it might get stolen.

“The system will help the government generate revenue as some will have to pay at certain extends.” Chol said. 

Meanwhile, the Managing Director of Del Digital Limited, Bior Ajou said some government officials from the ministry of transport will be trained to ease work of monitoring of vehicles.

He said that the online application will be able to help people who are far way to also apply for easy registration and accessibility.

He assured development of other systems which will locate vehicles when traveling out of the country.

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