Lawmaker demands special court for trial of cattle raiders

Paul Yoane Bonju National Member of Parliament/Courtesy photo

By Bida Elly David

A member of parliament representing Yei River Constituency, Paul Yoane Bonju yesterday raised concerns over alarming cattle raiding in the Country.  Bonju was speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper. He suggested that specific court should be established to impose trials on those would are involved in such practices.

This concern was elevated after the Country itemized several incidents of conflicts that intensified as a result of cattle raids by pastoralists as well as tension waged against farming communities.

In a statement to the media, Paul Yoane Bonju a member of parliament representing Yei Constituency at the reconstituted National Assembly said that a number of about 200 heads of cattle were purportedly raided in Mugwo payam of Yei River County by suspected raiders that later on resulted to threats and fear among the domiciles within the vicinity.

Bonju said cattle raiding has been one of the practices that has contributed into jeopardy of the security situation in the country hence crippling most developmental activities especially the farming sector.

He added that most citizens living in most remote and fertile areas depend on farming being one of the activities for both subsistence and commercial purposes aimed at balancing their standards of living but due to inconsistency of the alarming insecurity caused by herders, farming activities have been discouraged.

Furthermore, Paul stated that the establishment of the court would mitigate the gravitating tensions caused by cattle raiders in the country.

“Based on the fact that my opinion is concerned, establishment of the special court to deal with cattle raiding issues and theft would be a good step and holding the leaders of such communities accountable by bringing them before the law will also mitigate such practices,” Bonju stated

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