The land should be left without being destroyed by man. What was the purpose of man in regards to his surrounding? He is supposed to take care of his environment; including the things that he builds therein.

Man was given dominion overall that was in the earth in the beginning of creation but how sad is it that man, who needs food to eat, needs water to drink, needs where to lay his head is the same one who is destroying it!

It is even more ironical that we believe that planting trees only without maintaining them will miraculously cure the climate crisis disease, restore the oxygen that is being chocked by the carbon dioxide that we produce knowingly and maybe unknowingly and neglect other terrible decisions made by us to kill ourselves slowly.

The reckless ways of life that we lead are costing us the very lives that we so cherish. With the already high cost of living in Juba, we should use the food resources very carefully and minimize wastage of these very important resources. We should be learning from our environmental damage mistakes rather than making new ones with the old ones still haunting us.

The idea of a slaughter house near the longest river in the world is sickening. “We met yesterday to find a solution for this problem of the butchers, if we find a space near the river, we will tell them.” This is no solution but a long term environmental and health problem.

To think of all the waste that comes with washing a great number of dead animals into the river per day for the sake of us the lovers of steak is sad.

Again, we are misusing the resources that were gifted to us freely for our sake but we are jeopardizing those free resources.

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