Plot Owners Risk Losing Land if Not Developed

Emmanuel Adil Anthony Governor CES/File Photo

By Bida Elly David

The Government of Central Equatoria State has given multiple plot owners an ultimate of one year to either erect some structures on the empty plots or lose the ownership without any compensation.

Speaking at the State Secretariat on Wednesday, the State Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony stated that government has discovered some individuals own many plots in most suburbs of Juba City and other towns without making strategies of construction.

The statement came after the State Ministry of Housing notified plot owners, multiples times without establishing houses or fences as an indicator of ownership.

The Governor said that any person who has multiple land title deeds and fails to construct within the interval of one year will be in position to lose it without any compromise.

“We discovered that some people have multiple plots leaving them unconstructed due to reasons best known to them. We encourage the land owners to develop the plots allotted to them especially those ones that are not yet developed to be sped up for city development. If those plots are not developed within 6 months, a warning will be given to alert and speed the construction process,” Adil said.

Furthermore, Adil underscored that the state of leaving plots unconstructed paves ways to land grabbing activities in the country and later intensifies into violence which later make people lose lives.

However, he called on plot owners to quickly occupy their plots to discourage cases regarding land grabbing at all levels in the state since several residential areas have witnessed persistent multiplication of land grabbing cases that have resulted into insecurity recently.

“Areas of Jondoru, Kasire, Khor Wollyiang have been victims of land grabbing disputes among others. Some time back, the residents after noticing such tragedies immediately demanded intervention of a security body to mitigate the situation. So plot owners should speed up occupancy of their land,” he underscored.

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