Governor Manytuil visits Rioriak IDPs camp in Rubkonta

Governor Joseph Manytuil’s delegation/Courtesy photo

By Yien Gattuor Mead

Governor Joseph Manytuil Wejang last Friday made an assessment visit to the newly designated settlement area in Rioriak Payam of Rubkona County, to heighten the completion of land survey, plot allocations and logistical challenges that might impede the progress.

The newly designated settlement area in Rioriak Payam comes after the agreed plan between Unity State Government and GPOC to relocate the people living around the oil field to the newly designated area for their health concerns as well as to curb environmental pollution.

The newly designated area once completed will accommodate more than 4,000 households plus the government reserves, including schools, hospitals and space for water treatment plan.

On the same note, Governor Manytuil directed the State Ministry of Land, Housing and Public Utilities, and the Ministry of Roads and Bridges to speed-up the land expansion and opening up of internal roads.

According to the local authority in Rioriak Payam, the influx of the human population in around the oil field area pressed the state government to relocate them to Rioriak and Rubkona.

“There are more than 5,000 IDPs currently residing around the oil field area of Unity that prompted the State Government to relocate the population to the newly designated areas of Rioriak of Rubkona County”.

Nyakuoth Kai expressed her gratitude to the Governor and the Unity government for supporting them but calls for more assistance.

“We are very grateful for the coming of our Governor Manytuil to visit us in Rioriak IDP camp. We hope the government of Unity state constitutes a new camp because we don’t have our own shelters. We depend on our government,” Nyakuoth said.

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