Health advocates for malaria eradication

Government representatives and health partners during the celebration of malaria day at freedom square Rumbek capital Lakes state/Courtesy photo

By Yang Ater Yang

The Ministry of Health in Lakes State with its health partners made awareness about malaria disease transmission, prevention and eradication in the state during the commemoration of the World Malaria Day 2022.

In a statement to the Media, Dr. Jacob Akucpiir Acuoth, the Minister of health in Lakes State stated the theme as; hardness, innovation to reduce the malaria burden and save lives, advice equity building and influence and end to malaria.

“As the ministry of health, we are leveraging through Bomas health initiative health workers to educate communities about the malaria risk and encourage prevention,” Dr. Jacob said.

Dr. Jacob disclosed that in 2021, 320,086 malaria cases were recorded with 297 malaria related deaths in Lakes State.

“According to the Ministry of Health, malaria remains endemic in South Sudan accounting for about 40% outpatients, 30% inpatients and 20% deaths in health facilities across the country,” he revealed.

He cautioned people on how malaria is a deadly disease and how it’s transmitted through the bite of female Anopheles mosquitoes that are affected by plasmodium germ which it releases into the blood stream of a human being thereby causing malaria.

He however emphasized that malaria is a preventable and treatable disease but it continues to have a devastating impact on health and livelihood of the people around the world.

“The symptoms of malaria start appearing from 10-15 days after the bite by the mosquito. As government, we reiterate our commitment to provide malaria commodities such as insecticide treated mosquito nets to prevent malaria in people especially in pregnant mothers as well as to advise people to diagnose and treat malaria and more must be done to improve malaria response at the local levels,” Dr. Jacob said.

Mosquirix, the Malaria vaccine, which is the only approved malaria vaccine in 2021 is brand new is recommended by WHO to prevent malaria. Large scale use of malaria vaccine for children living in areas with moderate to high malaria transmission is highly encouraged.

He concluded by thanking the government of Lakes state in supporting the commemoration of the day.

Meanwhile, UNICEF representative, Dr. Garang appealed to the civil population to clear bushes, broken containers and stagnant water which are breeding grounds for mosquitoes especially during the rainy season.

He further urges mothers to take their children with fever and other signs and symptoms to the nearest health facility.

WHO Representative, Dr. Jiel Jiel stressed that WHO management is supporting the government and its people and says that malaria programs need stakeholders to do advocacy on infection of malaria to the local communities. He urged pregnant women to take care of their unborn children too.

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