MP condemns killing of family members in Wonduruba

By Taban Henry

A member of parliament representing Wonduruba Payam in the State Legislative Assembly on Saturday condemned the horrific killing of family members in Wonduruba payam, Central Equatoria State.

On Thursday, suspected armed herders allegedly abducted a family of four people from the home of a local leader in Wonduruba Payam.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on Saturday, the Member of Parliament Representing Wonduruba Payam in the State Transitional Legislative Assembly, Juma Samuel Martin said that the four were abducted and killed on Thursday at around 9 PM  and were later found dead on Friday morning around the bushes.

“I am here to share a very sad story concerning the killing of four people in my area in the village of Dopuni where suspected cattle herders went to that area on Thursday evening where they abducted four people including a husband, his wife plus their two children and killed them,” Samuel said.

He identified the deceased as, Felix Kenyi Charles and his wife Mary Naron Elunai plus their two children Kenyi and Salah who he said were kidnaped later and taken into the bushes where they were found dead on Friday.

The lawmaker condemned the killing, which he said has created panic among the residents.

“I condemn the killing of the four people and I want this horrible act done to my people of Wonduruba to stop. I am calling upon everyone in Wonduruba to remain calm,” he added.

“The general situation is tense and youth within the area are digging the grave, all the women and the children are now sent to Wonduruba center because of the insecurity that is already manipulated by the cattle herders who are roaming around the area,” he hinted.

Samuel suspects the cattle herders who have been loitering around and Wonduruba to have done the horrible act.

“As the people of Wonduruba are keeping goats and some cows, they have all been raided by the suspected Mundari and cattle herders from Bor and this is not the first time it is happening,” Samuel said.

He revealed that a few days back, some unknown cattle raiders came to the area and raided some goats but this offense was left unjustified although the killing will not be left to slide.

“Forces are on ground normally when such incidences happen, we always advice the people to report such cases to the Police Station, so that the Police and the payam administrator coordinate with the forces around so that they are followed accordingly,” he mentioned.

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