11 cars to be given to State Ministers in WE

Arrival of Governor Hon. Lt. Gen. Alfred Futuyo shaking hand with Deputy Governor Hon. Dr. Kennedy Gaaniko

By Alex DIgi

The government of Western Equatoria state said the state Cabinet will soon receive 11 vehicles for the ministers and other senior executive’s staff.

The announcement was made by the state Governor Lt. Gen. Alfred Futuyo Karaba on Saturday this week during his arrival in the state.

Governor Futuyo had been in Juba for official visits of which he said he had used the opportunity to purchase some cars to the state government, speaking during his briefing Governor said the cars will be given to state ministers who are not having means transport.

“We wish as we are struggling together with Deputy Governor last time we got 4 cars and this time I also struggled and got 7 cars also making a total of 11 cars, that means, I only return home here for the celebration of Eid El Fitir as I will go back to Juba on Friday next week I will come using land transport together with those 7 cars, and the rest of the Ministers who were footing will now get a cars this is the good information I can tell you” Governor Futuyo said.

Christopher Benjamin the state Minister of Peace Building appreciated the move citing that it will help him in his ministry since he had no means of transport.

“What he told us is those who never received vehicles before he is going to give it to them like my ministry it is a special ministry which I am supposed to have a separate car, so it is good because last year some people received the vehicles so we remained without vehicles so to me if these vehicles arrived here it should be given to those who don’t have it so that we can be in position to carry out our duties” Christopher said.

Christopher complained that his colleagues are the ones who used to support him in mobility.  “My friends are the ones who used to help me but when it comes to outreaches I use the helicopter of UNMISS”.

It is not clear what types of the cars are, and how much was spent on those cars for the state government. Meanwhile the state Deputy Governor Dr. Kennedy Gaaniko said the state had been peaceful in absence of the Governor he said “Comrade Governor we welcome you back to the state, we said welcome home, since you left the your youth in the state had been peaceful and the general situation is peaceful there is nothing happened like insecurity we are happy that you have come back peacefully so that we can work together”. 

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