Muslims in Yei celebrate Eid al Fitr peacefully

Moslems during prayers in Eid al-Fitr

By James innocent Ali

The Muslim in community in Yei River County have joint the rest of the world in a peaceful celebration of Eid-al Fitr after fasting for 30 days.

The Secretary General of the Islamic Council in Yei, Haji Ali Mogga commended all the Muslims for completing a thirty-days fasting period peacefully.

“I congratulate all of you for completing the Ramadan peacefully and today is a day of happiness we were for Ramadan for thirty days that got finished yesterday so this encourages us to continue with the religion,” he said.

He also advised Muslims to take care of their children from night clubs and unnecessary trouble because they are the future of tomorrow.

“Children should not be left unnecessarily let them stay in the religion because they are the future of tomorrow, our time has gone. Teach them religiously so let them follow religion because there are many problems in Yei that spoils young children specially in town you find that the cloth known as Kanzu is being removed at the end you find them in disco places,” he Said.

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