City council to classify garbage collection fees

Michael Wani Allah-Jabu, City Council Mayor/Courtesy photo

By Bida Elly David

City Council Mayor yesterday unveiled that they have conceded an initiative to classify garbage collection fees based on the nature of activities carried out by business enterprises, companies, organisations, government institutions and family households in the city.

This came following the reception of new equipment for garbage collection two weeks ago by the City Council from East African Co. Green to improve the set-up of collecting garbage in Juba City.

Speaking to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, Michael Wani Allah-Jabu, the City Council Mayor said that the latest fee structure on the collection of garbage would be classified according to the quantity of garbage collected and packed by institutions and families.

“As I said earlier, we need to improve Juba City by making it clean through garbage collection. With this, we have decided to bring new equipment that will ease the collection of garbage that people have been dumping along the road side. Based on our new strategy, we have classified garbage collection fees based on the nature of activities run by businesses, Ministries, companies and organisations in Juba.” Michael said.

He said that business enterprises such as hotels, restaurants, bars, government institutions which include the ministries, organisations and companies would be charged at a fair rate to mitigate drawbacks from their enterprises and activities.

“Our charges will be fair to them. They should not get worried on the new fee structure. Our aim is to ensure that Juba is kept clean for the hygiene and safety of the citizens.” Michael said.

Nevertheless, Michael echoed that the classified rate on garbage collection per institutions would be declared after discussion and endorsement.

“The new fees structure is still for revision and after completion and endorsement, the declaration will take place accompanied with immediate implementation.” Michael said.

Furthermore, Michael said that the major aim for bringing the advanced equipment was to reduce the random trashing of disposable material and unnecessary dumping of garbage along the roads by people.

He added that the equipment will reduce the burden where people carry packed garbage from homes, offices, shops and later dumping them in the middle of roads.

However, he also stated that the same equipment will enhance establishment of roads as the country prepares for the coming of Pope Francis from Vatican to Juba.

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