City Council to lodge niggers at State’s prisons

A group of gangs held in a prison in Juba/Courtesy photo

By Bida Elly David

The leadership of the City Council plans to coordinate with the State’s prison authorities to transfer some of the apprehended gang groups known as niggers in Juba prison and police custodies due to insufficient space.

The idea came as there has been continued increase in the number of numerous gang groups at the various custodies in Juba.

In an interview with No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on Wednesday, Michael Lado Allah-Jabu the City Mayor said police custodies and Juba Central Prison were insufficient to accommodate the apprehended niggers since the number kept increasing every time.

Mayor Ladu said Juba has limited cells for detention and prisons to accommodate a multiple number of culprits at the same time.

“We are going to coordinate with other states to help us keep some of our detainees at their cells due to the insufficient cells and prisons we have in Juba. Currently, we only have Kubri-Haboba, Munuki, Malakia, Kator, Lologo and Juba custodies and one national prison that we use to detain these niggers. As the number of culprits increase, the space in the nearest future will be limited,” Michael said.

Furthermore, Michael reiterated that they would introduce a punishment to prisoners as a way of creating transformation and abstinence from criminal acts.

“As we continue to arrest these niggers, we are going to impose discipline on them by sending them to states to cultivate in farms such that on their return, they refrain from crime and learn from their evil acts,” he reiterated.

Meanwhile, he jagged out that his office would invest many efforts to ensure restoration of total peace in Juba through day and night patrol for the safety and peace of the citizens.

“My team and I will not give up on carrying out our exercises of arresting these culprits until total peace is experienced in Juba. We shall work day and night through patrol arresting these boys,” he said.

Michael stated that despite the fact that others were released on bail, their number still increases.

However, he said there has been continuous formation of gang groups in Juba that the authorities should work upon before the security situation jeopardises in the nearest future.

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