The absurdities that come with wars and crime always hit hard at the heart. Those horrible misfortunes that tag along the innocent people who in most cases are incapable of saving themselves from those despicable actions by the reckless offenders, who unfortunately walk away and not pay for their crimes.

To think that a sound minded person will leave their home together with their livestock, move all the way into another’s home to destroy their homes, farms, molest them, and kill them! And the rest of us are okay with it is absolutely unacceptable. Not forgetting the other armed attackers in the north of the country who did not carry their livestock but commands instead.

It is totally degrading the whole country especially the leaders who are supposed to save the lives of these people whose poor lives are being lost over an issue that can be resolved amicably, but only when all the people involved in this resolution are in agreement with the solution.

Depressing innocent people and draining them of purpose is evil and should be highly punishable. Depriving people of their freedom, resource and eventually their justice is utterly undemocratic and barbaric. 

If all those that have been killed within the first quarter of the month were to raise an alarm to the questionable judicial system of this country, probably a whole reshuffle would have taken place to leave room for those who are ready to execute their work and fulfill their responsibility because that is what the country actually needs. We need the officers at work to account for their duties and the criminals to account for their wrongdoings.

To the poor family which lost their beloved 6-year-old to the savagery of this society may they have strength to demand for justice.  

Justice must prevail! That is the only way to portray a truly democratic state. Oh God bless South Sudan as our national anthem states. 

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